◊ Long overdue return of the successful ͞TCG͟
• Players have been asking for VS to return since it went away in 2008
• All new content same style of gameplay

◊ Streamlined game design
• Original VS. designer Danny Mandel is returning to fix some of the legacy issues that plagued the first release

◊ New Loo Barrier of Entry for New Players
• No longer can the ͞"Pros" dominate ͞"New Blood" will have access to all cards at the same time

◊ More than just comics
• VS can now expand to a variety of licenses outside of Marvel and the other guys.
• Alien & Predator
• The Crow
• Firefly
• Etc.

◊ $49.99 Msrp
• Approximately 400 cards included in one box.
• Enough for a large variety of deck design


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