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Munchkin Game Changers contains all the cards from Munchkin Fairy Dust, Munchkin Fairy Dust Dice, Munchkinomicon, Munchkin Monster Enhancers,and Munchkin Reloaded! It also includes some bonus items – Fairy Dust and Munchkinomicon level counters, and four cards formerly only available directly from Steve Jackson Games.

Key Features:
• Four hard-to-fi nd boosters and other goodies in one set!
• Cool bonuses, crazy new card types, and just plain weird rules to shake up your Munchkin games!
• Some of the cards match the original Munchkin card design, but they can be used with any Munchkin set!

• 68 cards, two level counters, two 19 mm six-sided dice, and a rulesheet.


SKU: 837654321188
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