STAFF PICKS! for December 19, 2012

Staff Picks


Mike’s Picks!

FF #2: There are a TON of great Marvel books that are coming out this week, what makes FF the tops for me is that its just the perfect blend of creators, characters, and concepts!

Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity #3: Brandon Graham makes books that are just so weird and amazing, Multiple Warheads continues to be one of my faves!

Saga #8: Saga is another tremendous read, I highly recommend it!

Wonder Woman #15: I’m really stoked to see Azzarello and Chiang’s take on Orion!

Those Great Marvel Books I Mentioned Earlier Lightning Round: Avengers #2, Captain America #2, Captain Marvel #8, Hawkeye #6, Indestructible Hulk #2, Thunderbolts #2, Thor God of Thunder #3!

Nate’s Picks!

Captain Marvel #8: Superheroes vs. Giant Robots and FIGHT!

Fables #124: Watch Bufkin free his homeland from the tyranny of the Gnome King…

Mars Attacks #6: Zar has been repulsed. What lies ahead for the beleaguered humans? Lots of campy fun.

Saga #8: More history for Maarko. Also? Troll Fight.

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS1: New SPIDER-MAN statues in red *and* black, BATMAN STREETS OF GOTHAM HeroClix, and an IRON MAN zip-up costume hoodie!


Todd’s Picks!

Hellblazer #298: Is Constantine really dying? ‘Death and Cigarettes’ – the final arc – starts here!

Nightwing #15: Bad things. Very Bad Things.

Thunderbolts #2: I seriously enjoyed the first issue and look forward to more! This book’s an ass-kicker.

Marjorie’s Picks!

Catwoman #15: A little new twist on my old favorite character.

Saga #8: Great story and art!!!

Star Trek TNG Doctor Who Assimilation #8: Do I need to say more? 😉

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS2: New ADVENTURE TIME figures including Marceline (with her Axe!!), the new DC COMICS Deck Building Game, and new SONS OF ANARCHY “Reaper” t-shirts!


The hectic shopping season has prevented picks from happening, but be sure to ask Joe and Jared for their thoughts when you see them in the shop!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS3: PORTAL 2 Companion Cube keychains, a trade paperback for ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, as well as SNAKE EYES and STORM SHADOW costume hoodies!


Sean’s Picks!

JSA Liberty Files The Whistling Skull #1 (OF 6): I’ve looked forward to this continuation for sometime now. The original Liberty Files was a great pulp Elseworlds story that needed a well deserved sequel.

Super F$$$$$s TP: If you’re gonna watch the Adult Swim show you might as well know what you’re getting into. Kolchakas best/”worst” comic!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS4: Two different collections of JUDGE DREDD featuring Brian Bolland and Garth Ennis, HALF LIFE 2 Gordon Freeman action figures, and a new assortment of FUTURAMA Tineez!