STAFF PICKS! December 5, 2012

Staff Picks


Mike’s Picks!

Avengers #1: Hickman + Avengers = AWESOME(AMAZING)^EXCELLENT – It’s gonna be good, is what I’m getting at.

Hawkeye #5: This book has been great so far and I am confident in saying it will continue that trend!

Jack Kirby’s 4th World Omnibus Vol. 4 TP: Kirby. 4th World. Omnibus. Look…it’s all right there in the title, folks. 😉

Womananthology Space #3: The book? An anthology from all female creators. The theme? Space! The quality? TREMENDOUS!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS1: DOCTOR WHO scarves, The fourth volume of the BATMAN: NO MAN’S LAND reprinting, and the new SUPERGIRL bust from DC Direct!


Todd’s Picks!

Amazing Spider-Man #699: The End is near! What? HOW? The events of the last issue have this reader questioning everything.

Blackacre #1: This new book from Duffy Boudreau is going to be AWESOME!

Punisher War Zone #2: Frank Castle is a wanted man, and the entire Marvel Universe is on his trail.

Stumptown V2 #4: The Baby has been found, but the trouble is just beginning.

Marjorie’s Picks!

Cyber Force #2: I love the art!

Fariest #10 Another great story from the Fables Universe.

Lady Death #24: Sexy comic and a great storyline!

Phantom Stranger #3: Loved him in Madame Xanadu, and this is an intriguing story so far.

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS2: BOBA FETT costume hoodies, the second volume of Image Comics’ PIGS, and the new CATWOMAN statue from the DC Cover Girls line!


Joe’s Picks!

Deadpool #3: Deadpool vs Dead Presidents. It’s brilliant, witty, and maybe you’ll learn something about history!

Earth 2 #7: Now that Solomon Grundy has been defeated can the Earth 2 heroes come together to form a JSA?

Great Pacific #2: Stranded on an island made of garbage, Chas Worthington III is looking to turn trash into treasure.

Jared’s Picks!

Avengers #1: With Hickman taking over this book, and Marvel saying telling us they’re “going big,” who knows what madness they have in store for us. Twice monthly now!

Hellboy in Hell #1: I’ve been waiting a long time for a new Hellboy comic, and this one looks like it’ll deliver.

I Love Trouble #1: A grifter, a plane crash, mobsters, and discovering unusual superpowers. I’m sold.

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS3: WEYLAND CORP branded t-shirts, the new HARLEY QUINN statue from the DC Cover Girls line, and a life-size inflatable PORTAL turret!


Sean’s Picks!

Blackacre #1: Post apocalyptic crime drama! Support your local creator Duffy Boudreau and stop by our signing on Dec 8th!

Storm Dogs #2: The week between Saga and Prophet. Need that sci-fi fix? Here it is. Go no further.

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS4: The first volume of Image’s HOAX HUNTERS, a new JTHM t-shirt, and not only is winter coming, but so are the GAME OF THRONES Pop! figures, including Ned Stark!