STAFF PICKS! December 12, 2012

Staff Picks


Mike’s Picks!

Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures TP: Whether you’re a long time fan of Atomic Robo or have never heard of him, this is a great anthology of fun stories of Real Science Adventure!

Conan the Barbarian #11: Brian Wood has been absolutely killing it on this Conan run. Killing. It. (Appropriate for a Conan book.)

Fantastic Four #2: The first issue lived up to my high expectations and I believe that trend will continue!

GI Joe Cobra Last Laugh HC: The IDW GI Joe stuff has been great! This oversized hardcover collects the complete story of Chuckles’ infiltration of the terrorist organization known as COBRA!

The Massive #7: Speaking of Brian Wood killing it, that guy sure knows how to write some comics. Check out The Massive!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS1: The fourth HC volume of the WALKING DEAD Omnibus, an assortment of vintage STAR WARS action figures, and MUNCHKIN: Naughty & Nice!


Todd’s Picks!

Amazing Spider-Man 699.1 How will Peter Parker’s Freaky Friday end?

Ghostbusters #16: Who you gonna call? The answers might surprise you.

Star Trek The Next Generation Omnibus: Catch up on the TNG adventures of old!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS2: BATMAN and DUKES OF HAZZARD slot car sets, DOCTOR WHO Tardis night lights, and a new DARTH VADER t-shirt!


Joe’s Picks!

Batgirl #15: The Joker has proposed! Will the bride and groom sides be able to share the same church? Will Jokers best man be Batman?

Cable and X-force #1: The Askani’son is back where he belongs. Leading a team and laying down the law for the mutant community.

Toys, Shirts, and Gifts…Oh My!: This week we have a large order of toys shirts and other novelty items coming in just in time for Christmas. Swing by and grab something for the lovable nerd in your life!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS3: DOCTOR WHO Disappearing Tardis mugs, new BATMAN t-shirts, and a whole bunch of HALO 4 die-cast figures including the Mongoose!


Sean’s Picks!

Battle Angel Alita Last Order TP Vol 16: It keeps coming out, slow and steady. If think you know cyberpunk but you haven’t read Battle Angel then you don’t know nothin’!

Perverts of the Unknown GN: It’s not often that an Adult title can be plugged and appropriately reviewed. Let this title be the exception to the rule. Creator Brandon Graham (Prophet) brings you a silly, fun, care-free porn comic.

Pillow Fight GN: See Above.

Sabrina’s Picks!

Blood Lad Vol #1: A vampire obsessed with video games and manga plus a girl’s soul who needs help getting back to her body. Sounds awesome to me.

Kaoru Mori Anything & Something HC: Mori, known for her story telling as well as her art, weaves together several stories all showing heart and perseverance. If you are familiar with any of her work then this will be a treat. If not, then this is a great introduction to a talented mangaka.

Marceline and the Scream Queens #6: SLAMACOW! I can’t believe this series is over! Can The Scream Queens rock? Will they change the face of music in Ooo? Will PB come back to rumbled ruins of the Candy Kingdom? I don’t know but I’m super excited to find out! And as always, this issue comes with sweet variant covers, this time featuring a cover by Camilla D’Errico!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS4: The first trade volume of Tim Seely’s REVIVAL, ADVENTURE TIME 2-in Figure Packs (including Candy People!), the the 3rd printing of BRAVEST WARRIORS #1!