Staff Picks 11/30/11

Amanda – U District

RUST HC VOL 01: An all-ages adventure set post WWII. Set on an old farm, someone with a jetpack crash-lands after being chased by a giant war-robot. The stranger brings secrets that the oldest son, Roman believes will help the farm survive though the rest of the family does not.

RASL TP VOL 03: RASL is a dimension jumping art thief who is running from his past, though someone/something his coming at him from the side. Now he has to make a fix, but how and who is tough when people and worlds are uncertain in this sci-fi thriller.

ASTERIX OMNIBUS SC VOL 10: Includes Asterix and the Magic Carpet #28, Asterix and the Secret Weapon #29, Asterix and Obelix All at Sea #30. I read this stuff 20 years ago and it is still great. The humor can be subtle, but these are entertaining adventures about fending off the Romans.

GREEN WAKE #7: The town’s secrets have been revealed, the inhabitants are disturbed and Morely has his own ghosts to grapple.

SPACEMAN #2 (OF 9): Hooray! Science fiction, dystopian and shadowy times are here! Orson is one of several genetically engineered humans design for travel to Mars, yet he his alone, a scrap collector, and has found himself stranded with a kidnapper and the kidnapped.

Claire – U District



Sean – U District

Daredevil #6: Just the plucky neighborhood daredevil-man.

Heavy Metal Jan 2012: Gots to have it.

Shannon – U District

GOBS #3: Milo is still drooling over Heather, & Gretchen is still try trying to remain oblivious to that fact. Their pub (aka a GIANT) is up and walking around again

HEAVY METAL JAN 2012: I just wanted to check out the inside cover

WONDER WOMAN CHRONICLES VOL 2 TP: ‘The series collecting Wonder Woman’s 1940s adventures in chronological order of original publication continues! In this title, Wonder Woman battles Mars, god of war, along with his many accomplices. Also, Wonder Woman encounters Paula Von Gunther, a treacherous German spy.’

2012 GIRLS OF ZENESCOPE CALENDAR: I loves me some eBas & Mike D


TINY TITANS #46: Robin sends in a replacement whilst he’s on missions with Batman. Who is that purple lady!?!?