STAFF PICKS! 11/28/2012


The new PREVIEWS catalog is out this week. Pick it up and let us know what you want!


The staff of the Lynnwood store left it all on the field last Friday, but I’m sure if you ask them they’ll give you their picks in person this week.

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS1:The twelfth and final trade paperback of THE BOYS, The “We Can Be Heroes” JUSTICE LEAGUE action figure set, and a new DARTH VADER full-face costume hoodie!


Todd’s Picks!

Boys TP Vol 12: THE END! I’m happy, but sad…

Lot 13 #2: The first issue of this Steve Niles/Glenn Fabry horror mini was fantastic! Can’t wait to read more.

Morning Glories #23: This book is getting seriously intense.

Marjorie’s Picks!

Crow #5: The art is awesome!

Fatale #10: A detective story with Lovecraftian undertones and I love it!

Robyn Hood #3: Sexy art from GFT, and a great story, too!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS2: The MY LITTLE PONY #1 covers box set, The trade paperback of SUPURBIA (the miniseries), and the new JOKER potato head!


Joe’s Picks!

Aquaman #14: The intro of Ocean Master, one of the most iconic Aquaman villains. Also baby flinger extarodinaire. Language warning: CLICK!

Lot 13 #2: It’s almost a horror comic but it’s crammed so full of horror cliches it’s like a bizarre comedy. I can’t stop reading it.

Uncanny Avengers #2: Red Skull is chopping up brains and Havok doesn’t want to be an Avenger. Someone got kidnapped last issue and someone else got stabbed. Find out who!

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS3: The new OWLY hardcover book, a CAPTAIN AMERICA fleece hoodie, and the new RED ROBIN and HUNTRESS chess pieces!


Sean’s Picks!

Jeremiah Omnibus HC Vol 2: The continuation of Hermann’s phenomenal post-apocalyptic epic. Quintessential comic book literature.

Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity #2: Round 1 of the Brandon Graham Week!

Prophet #31: Round 2 of the Brandon Graham Week!

Remake 3XTRA GN Vol 03: What if Megaman or Astro Boy had a conscious and their superhuman actions had ramifications? How would they address those problems and in doing so ensure it was amusing for the readers? The answers can be found in REMAKE, a hilarious homage to Tezuka’s manga and 90’s video game pop culture.

Carl’s Picks!

Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity #2: Brandon Graham’s newly-resurrected labor-of-love continues in its second issue. There will be puns.

Sabrina’s Picks!

Adventure Time #10: Squeal with GLEE!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #1: The ponies are coming! The ponies are coming! I’m a sucker for animation and even a bigger sucker for cute animation that makes awesome nods to it’s older viewers – My Little Pony does not fail in those areas. While it is understandable that some might be worried about the pony invasion of comics, I think this will be a great series for both adults and kids. I welcome the coming of our new pony overlords. 😉

Thor God of Thunder #2 So far, so good. I’m loving the art direction as well as story. This issue has Thor vs. The God Butcher, sounds awesome to me.

ALSO ARRIVING AT CS4: An ERIC STANTON art book, a new TOKIDOKI “Headliners” tee-shirt, and new POP! HOBBIT figures including Gandalf!