MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS arriving September 7, 2016

Tokyo Ghost #10TOKYO GHOST #10 (MR)

(W) Rick Remender (A/CA) Sean Murphy

The final confrontation for the future of mankind is here. It’s Debbie Decay, Mother Nature’s own samurai savior, vs Davey Trauma, the Living Singularity. Critically-acclaimed creators RICK REMENDER and SEAN GORDON MURPHY wrap up their tale of tech addiction, unintended consequences, and love in a world populated by the disenfranchised and isolated.
The final issue of the series is here! Rick Remender has been at the top of his game with this series. Fans of his know that he doesn’t pull the punches in his independent books. Tokyo Ghost is no exception and my heart is heavy from the previous few issues. Sean G. Murphy also brings something new, ridiculous and/or very fun to each issue. He has packed so much life and world building into each panel that I find myself lost in a page’s background for minutes. I am going to be sad to see this series end with issue #10 but happy to see it come to a complete and meaningful end.
If you haven’t been reading this series be sure to check it out in TPB form shortly! – Graydon


Spider-man #7SPIDER-MAN #7

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Nico Leon (CA) Sara Pichelli

•  Heritage is not always easy!
•  Miles Morales and his friends Nova and Ms. Marvel struggle with the biggest conflict in the Marvel U since they took up their mantles.
Rated T

The current run of Spider-Man has been pretty fun and my favorite of the spider titles. I’m curious to see where Miles will end up in the split of heroes for Civil War II, he has such a cool dynamic and personal tie to the issue which makes this all the more interesting. I’ve always enjoyed Miles character and his place as Spider-Man and while he might not be as pivotal as Peter was in the original Civil War, I can’t wait to see the choices he will make this issue and what they mean for the rest of the Marvel Universe.Riley