Nickname: The jerk in charge

Contact Info: michael@comicstoponline.com

Little bit about me: I’ve either worked at or owned comic stores for most my adult life and have been reading/collecting since the early 1970’s. In addition to comics, I also collect Disney pins and board games. I own a dog named Sweaty. Yes, his name is Sweaty. Deal with it.

If could have a superpower: The Word from “Preacher”.

Would you use your superpower for good or evil: Well, I’d say everything I did would be good but I’m sure there would be plenty of people who said I was doing evil.

Favorite comic publisher house: Overall, I’ve been a DC guy most my adult life but I’d say Archie is my current favorite. Everything they’ve been doing the past year has been great!

Favorite superhero: Wolverine between Giant Size X-Men #4 through Wolverine (ongoing) #1. After that, Wolverine went to hell in a hand basket. Bah!

Favorite villain: It’s a tie between Jim Shooter and Stan Lee.

Most influential geeky movie: It’s cliche to say but Star Wars was life changing! Nothing else even comes close.

Most influential comic/book: The Dark Phoenix Saga in Uncanny X-Men  #129-#138. Comic book deaths are cliche now but in the early 80’s it was practically unheard of. When Jean sacrifices herself to save the universe, man oh man! It still makes me emotional.

Favorite Comic Book Character: Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. That book and that character still mean so much to me.

Favorite Mini-series: I know it isn’t great but the original “Contest of Champions” from Marvel just brings me to a special place every time I look at it.

Favorite Game: My favorite video game is Left 4 Dead 2. There hasn’t been a week since it came out that I haven’t played. My favorite tabletop game of all time is Skip-Bo. My current favorite is Betrayal at House on the Hill.