Last Friday, we had a two-fold celebration. Being the first Friday of the month, it was our regular Ladies Night. This month, it just so happened that that day fell on November 7th. N7. Mass Effect Day. In attendance were a really great group of fans, along with some ladies who were new to the game and related comics.

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We also had some really amazing giveaways provided by generous friends at BioWare Montreal. Along with stickers, candy, pens, and Medi-Gel bandaids.

LAdies Night 4

The grand prize was a copy of the Xbox 360 version of the N7 Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3, signed by several amazing women who were part of the team that created it. We created a sign up sheet for our gamers to share their gamertags and userIDs, so they could play friends-only games with safe people, instead of exposing themselves to unwanted attention that sometimes results in playing with strangers. To determine the winner of the grand prize, we rolled a good ol’ D20, and the winner was overjoyed.

Ladies Night 5

In fact, we were all having such a great time, that we weren’t ready to part company when the mall closed. A good number of the group proceeded to a nearby restaurant to keep on sharing experiences, talking about comics and gaming, asking questions about what they might like that they haven’t already read or played, and generally getting to know one another. It’s worth noting that a couple of ladies already knew each other, but for the most part, had been strangers before attending this event. Everyone left, having made several new friends and several additions to their reading lists, and that, my friends, is exactly why we do this. It’s a beautiful thing.

Ladies Night 6