Comic Stop NOW! Sale (aka BLACK FRIDAY)

We know that you don’t just want to stand in the crazy crowds at your closest Tar*Mart or JCMacy’s all day. You want some fun stuff, too!

Have we got a sale for you!

From opening until Noon on Friday, November 23rd, enjoy 50% OFF!!!** on Apparel, Games, Hardcovers/Trades, Statues, and Toys. Yes. HALF PRICE!



From Noon until 6pm, continue to save 30% OFF!!!** on the above items!




From 6pm till closing, you’ll get 15% OFF!!!**




That’s right! You’ll get COMIC STOP NOW! savings all day long on the coolest items. Need a Thor Statue? Done. Absolute Final Crisis? Got it. The entire run of Powers trades? Check. Tokidoki and all other shirts? You bet! Doctor Who action figures, Legos, Settlers of Catan, and Warhammer 40K? Yes, yes, yes, and YES.

AND! AND! If you are one of our subscription customers we’ve got an added bonus. You can sleep in because the 50% discount will apply to you All. Day. Long.

This is one sale you are not going to want to miss out on.

(**NOTE: Sale does not apply to single issue comics, back issues, or Magic the Gathering product. Additional offers and restrictions may vary by store.)

Lynnwood and the U-District shops will be open from 8am to 8pm. Redmond 8am-9pm. Everett 6am to 9pm.