Every Monday, the guys at the shop let you know what books were their favorites from last week. Here are the favorites from the week of August 31, 2016 through September 6, 2016.

Tokyo Ghost #10GRAYDON SAYS:

Tokyo Ghost #10


My favorite read from last week is without a doubt Tokyo Ghost #10. The series tied up perfectly, the end gave me some of what I wanted, some things I didn’t expect, and a healthy little dose of stuff I didn’t want (making it all more impactful). I won’t list details here but do yourself a favor and pick this series up in some form!


East bof West #29RILEY SAYS:

East of West #29

East of West wrapped up the second year nicely in the 29th issue, It was the perfect blend of story and action with some great resolutions and room to see where the next year will go. Death is one of my favorite characters in East of West and this issue was centered on Death and his son which made this issue all the more enjoyable for me. Between Death and the overall crazy excitement of this issue it was another great addition to the story of East of West.