Every Monday, the guys at the shop let you know what books were their favorites from last week. Here are the favorites from the week of August 24, 2016 through August 30, 2016.


Dectective #939Detective Comics #939

I have been loving this series. It has some of my favorite Bat-Family characters in it and has been one of the most consistently well balanced Bat books to come out of Rebirth yet. There is always some action, mystery, drama and a dash of comedy in each issue. This issue in particular stood out for me personally because of how prominently it featured my favorite Robin, Tim Drake.
Even though Tim is planning to hang up his cape in exchange for a higher education (like he needs it…) he continues to prove why Gotham, and the Bat-Family in general needs him. The cliff hanger end of this issue has left Tim in one of the most precarious situations he has ever been in. I can’t wait to find out how he gets out of it!


Omega Men: The End is Here TP

I had the misfortune of missing Omega Men when it first came out, and by the time I heard how good it was it was too far in for me to pick up, so here I am finally reading it.  This book has been phenomenal; it takes you on a wild ride through the Vega system with great art to bring these fantastic alien planets to life. There are great space battles, oppressive governments, rebellions, strange aliens, and a cool sense of wonder to this world which all come together to form a weird and fun story. Omega Men is a really fun and great book for any sci-fi fan, Lantern fan (even If Kyle doesn’t have a ring), or just a fan wanting to see a different side of the DC universe. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on this great book, especially now that it is all collected into one trade.