Every Monday, the guys at the shop let you know what books were their favorites from last week. Here are the favorites from the week of August 17, 2016 through August 23, 2016

Wicked Divine #22GRAYDON SAYS:

Wicked + Divine has consistently been one of my favorite titles being published by Image. The series seems to capture an essence of the Now better than most other titles. The characters act in ways that seem real to current culture (as I am aware) while the setting provides an excellent back drop for the characters to run a muck in.
With issue #22, the final issue in the latest arc of the series, we’re provided some closure to cliffhangers from two story arcs prior! Though the payoff of the multi-arc tension build is awesome it is the expansion of the series’ world and terrifying changes to characters that make this issue one of the best in the series. I can’t say anymore for fear of spoiling something but if you haven’t been reading this series now is the time to get caught up!