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A little bit about me: I’ve been a comic fan most my life, it was my first true love and stays that way….. just don’t tell my wife. I moved  to Seattle several years ago on a dare and never wanted to go anywhere else. I worked for Emerald City Comicon for a few years but now I’m doing what I love most now; owning a comic book store!

If could have a superpower: Green Lantern power ring!

Would you use your superpower for good or evil: Well that’s a silly question, my “evil” is good.

Favorite comic publisher house: DC. No question about it.

Favorite superhero: Superman

Favorite villain: Lex Luthor

Most influential geeky movie: Superman (1978).

Most influential comic/book: Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight. I convinced my Dad to buy it for me from a Waldenbooks and was the first comic I read.  A love was born that day.

Favorite Comic Book Character: Dick Grayson

Favorite Mini-series: Annihilation

Favorite Game: DC Deckbuilding Game from Cryptozoic.