STAFF PICKS! for April 16,

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Sean Talks...Rogues Galleries (Part 2)!

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STAFF PICKS! for April 9,

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Sean Talks...Rogues Galleries (Part 1)!

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6 Comic Book Characters That

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STAFF PICKS! for April 16, 2014!

HEADQUARTERS Todd’s Picks! Adventures of Superman TP Vol 01: This anthology series has been wonderful for the old-school Superman fan. Amazing X-Men #6: Raven Darkhölme vs. Kurt Wagner…FIGHT! Batman Eternal #2: Gordon’s behind bars and chaos is reigning. Birds of Prey #30: Black Canary is stuck between a Ra’s and a hard place… Frankenstein Alive […]

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Sean Talks…Rogues Galleries (Part 2)!

The Green Lantern Corps has had a perpetually growing host of villains as fitting a galactic police force. Their Rogues Gallery just keeps getting bigger and bigger with the introduction of a veritable color wheel of powers in the Blackest Night storyline. It seems every corner of the universe harbors some alien with a grudge […]

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Sean Talks…Rogues Galleries (Part 1)!

Say what you will about the current climate at DC with their shaky handling in contemporizing their super-hero titles; they still have some lucid grasp on what makes the DC Universe great. Their villains. DC comics can measure the popularity of a title on the scale of the popularity of the title’s villains. Why else […]

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6 Comic Book Characters That Need a Video Game (Part 2)

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and a wonderful convention but now I’m back to finish out the list I left so neglected. Here are the top 3 comic book characters that really deserve a video game: 3: Ant-Man With rumors of an upcoming movie starring the diminutive hero swirling around it seems almost […]

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